Treatments For Sweaty Palms That Work Exceptionally Well

There are many different procedures to get rid of sweaty palms but I want to introduce you to the very best ones that will actually work.See, for the past few years I’ve been searching for iontophoresis treatment for sweaty palms but I just couldn’t find one that would work for me. In most cases I was told that my sweating was just too severe to be cured with simple remedies and that I’ll probably need to do a surgery to get rid of it for good.But I just wasn’t prepared to accept the fact that I’d need a surgery because I’ve read about all the side effects a lot of people experience. Some report that their torso starts sweating and others experience extreme sweating on their back. Most of these people will usually say that the surgery actually made their lives worse then what were they experiencing before.

So in my opinion there are just two treatments that actually work. The first one is Drysol and it’s a simple AlCl solution with almost identical ingredients as antiperspirants you can buy in stores. It’s just stronger but the problem with it is that if your sweating is really severe it probably won’t work.Another treatment that I used and which successfully cured my sweaty palms is called iontophoresis. It’s a simple treatment where you put your palms in water to which an iontophoresis device is connected. It works really fast and it can usually stop palms from sweating as fast as in 5 days.I highly suggest you try out both cures and decide for yourself which one is best for you.