Michael Force’s Digital Altitude – Big Ticket Coaching Products?

Michael Force is an EX Marine. He was also a 7 figure earner in an industry Digital Altitude review and system called Carbon Copy Pro in the past. Some marketers speculate that Mike was ‘one’ of the top income earners of that company (that was founded by Jay Kubassek) but I believe that he was ‘the’ top income earner.

There seems to be what you would call a ‘marketing’ frenzy going on all around this company due to its newness to the industry and market place but mainly due to the ongoing publications of large income claims showcasing the ‘latest’ sales and profits from people actively marketing this system and opportunity.

A lot of ‘veteran’ marketers seem to be going around making claims that this system is ‘newbie’ friendly but that is questionable.

Why do I say that?

I say that because I believe that the words Newbie and friendly kind if give the new marketer the idea that they can become successful easily.

So in a nutshell…

Having the words ‘Newbie’ and the idea of ease in one sentence may be kind of misleading to upcoming marketers.

Sure the system may have tools in place to help the new marketer learn but in the end each new marketer’s success will still be determined by the price that they’re willing to pay for it.

There seems to be another issue to take into account as well…

This system has seemed to ‘attract’ a slew of high-profile marketers who know exactly what they are doing.

In any company or system, the people who make most of the money marketing the system, are usually the people who ‘already’ have the most experience in successfully ‘recruiting’ and selling online.

And that’s a given!

The new marketer’s job is to learn (in their down time) and actively market (produce in the form of traffic and lead generation) during their income producing time.

Digital Altitude Product Line:

They’re products seem to be high-end coaching products that start at Aspire for the cost of $37 per month (yes it is reoccurring) right up to Apex for a high cost of $19,997 (one time cost).